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Bulgaria Maps Collection - the country, cities, villages and resorts

Article published from on 2008-09-30 15:22:00
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Detailed map of Bulgaria - Cities, villages, roads, train rails, etc.; Format: GIF; Image Size:3162x2008; File Size: 702K
Java Map of Bulgaria (in Bulgarian language) - Detailed map of Cities, villages and roads. Very good Zoom In/Out possibilities; Format: JavaApplet; Size:browser size;
A recent map of Bulgaria - Roads and regular domestic airline routes ; Format: JPEG; Image size: 1060x778; File Size: 272K
Relief map of Bulgarian area - showing roads, expressways and railroads; Format: JPG; Image Size: 1048x1056; File size: 330K
Weather map of Bulgaria - current sky conditions and temperatures; Format: JPG; Size: 767x503
Map of Roads Networks; Format: JPG; Size: 1199x802; File size: 143K
Rivers and streams Map - showing hydronym origin; Format: JPG; Size: 1122 x 773 pixels; File Size: 239K
Bulgaria Land Usage Map - CIA Atlas of Eastern Europe 1990; Format: JPG; Size: 740 x 1008 pixels; File Size: 85.8K
Satellite map of Bulgaria - Satelite map - mountains, valleys, relief; Format: JPG; Image Size:1600x1024; File Size: 252K
Fishing Map - Map of Fishing areas and Fish availability; Format: JPG; Image Size:1680x1070; File Size: 203K
Breeding Stations - Hunting areas; Format: JPG; Image Size:1680x1070; File Size: 399.7K
Bulgaria Biosphere Reserve - approximate location of the biosphere reserve.; Format: GIF; Image Size:689x437; File Size: 36K
Bulgaria Map - Very good map of Bulgaria - roads, relief, rivers, cities; Format: PNG; Image Size:1500x1000; File Size: 354K
Eastern Europe Map - Satellite map of eastern Europe; Format: JPG; Image Size:462x539; File Size: 68K
Main Roads map - Main roads and highways in Bulgaria; Format: JPG; Image Size:701x457; File Size: 53.5K
Bulgarian Minicipalities Map (in BG) - Map of Bulgarian administrative regions; Format: JPG; Image Size:1889x1245; File Size: 361K

Street map of Sofia; Format: PNG; Image Size:7500x6250; File Size: 3.22MB
Map Sofia region; Format: GIF; Image Size:1260x990; File Size: 74.1K
Interactive Map of Sofia; From
Flash street map of Sofia; Format: FLASH; zoomable and moveable; from
Map Sofia central; Format: JPG; Image Size:1592x1743; File Size: 685K
Map of Cities & Villages near Sofia; Format: GIF; Image Size:534x522; File Size: 38.6K
Interactive map of Sofia; from
3D Map of Sofia center; Format: JPG; Image Size:1600x1236; File Size: 516K

Street map of Silistra; Format: GIF; Image Size:2996x1999; File Size: 306K
Street map of Sozopol; Format: GIF; Image Size:1262x1740; File Size: 126K
Street map of Assenovgrad; Format: GIF; Image Size:1199x1002; File Size: 100K
Street map of Chepelare; Format: GIF; Image Size:1262x1750; File Size: 98.9K
Street map of Bansko; Format: GIF; Image Size:1204x1251; File Size: 157K;
Bansko B/W map; Format: JPG; Image Size:1500x2063; File Size: 308K
Street map of Troyan; Format: GIF; Image Size:1980x2750; File Size: 230.5K
Street map of Dobrich; Format: GIF; Image Size:3601x2993; File Size: 622K
Street map of Pamporovo resort; Format: PNG; Image Size:1620x2250; File Size: 320K
Street map of Dupnitsa; Format: GIF; Image Size:3302x2758; File Size: 360K
Street map of Smolyan; Format: GIF; Image Size:5397x1802; File Size: 365K
Street map of Melnik; Format: GIF; Image Size:1502x999; File Size: 79.5K
Street map of Aitos; Format: GIF; Image Size:2100x1400; File Size: 198K
Street map of Berkovitza; Format: GIF; Image Size:2100x1051; File Size: 124K
Street map of Dimitrovgrad; Format: GIF; Image Size:3600x2400; File Size: 364K
Street map of Gotse Delchev; Format: GIF; Image Size:1500x1000; File Size: 102.5K
Street map of Karlovo; Format: GIF; Image Size:2160x2250; File Size: 90.6K
Street map of Lovech; Format: GIF; Image Size:2880x4000; File Size: 475.8K
Street map of Montana; Format: GIF; Image Size:2160x3000; File Size: 323.4K
Street map of Nessebur; Format: GIF; Image Size:2400x1200; File Size: 123K
Street map of Panagyurishte; Format: GIF; Image Size:1680x1750; File Size: 197K
Street map of Pernik; Format: GIF; Image Size:4800x2400; File Size: 609K
Street map of Petrich; Format: GIF; Image Size:1440x1500; File Size: 165.8K
Street map of Provadia; Format: GIF; Image Size:782x3250; File Size: 170K
Street map of Razgrad; Format: GIF; Image Size:2400x2000; File Size: 197K
Street map of Sandanski; Format: GIF; Image Size:1800x1200; File Size: 164K
Street map of Sliven; Format: GIF; Image Size:3000x2000; File Size: 440.3K
Street map of Svilengrad; Format: GIF; Image Size:1202x1250; File Size: 146K
Street map of Targovishte; Format: GIF; Image Size:1680x1750; File Size: 285K
Street map of Elhovo; Format: PNG; Image Size:1082x1498; File Size: 119KB
Street map of Karnobat; Format: GIF; Image Size:1800x1200; File Size: 183.4K
Street map of Sevlievo; Format: GIF; Image Size:1440x1500; File Size: 162.3K
Street map of Varna (BG); Format: PNG; Image Size:5640x7400; File Size: 1.54MB
Street map of Gabrovo; Format: GIF; Image Size:3060x4250; File Size: 746.2K
Street map of Rousse; Format: PNG; Image Size:5400x4500; File Size: 1.341MB
Street map of Plovdiv (BG); Format: PNG; Image Size:4500x3750; File Size: 1.209MB
Street map of Etropole; Format: PNG; Image Size:1260x1750; File Size: 126KB
Street map of Gabrovo; Format: GIF; Image Size:3060x4250; File Size: 746.2K
Street map of Harmanli; Format: PNG; Image Size:1800x1200; File Size: 149KB
Street map of Kubrat; Format: PNG; Image Size:1202x1250; File Size: 100KB
Sunny Beach Map - Excelenet 3D Map of Synny Beach Resort with hotels and restaurants; Format: DHTML
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