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Huge gas and oil deposits discovered in Bulgaria

Article published from on 2008-08-15 11:24:00
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The experienced radiesthesist Ivan Milev discovered oil deposits under the city of Svishtov on the Danube (north Bulgaria) and gas deposits near Velingrad (southwest Bulgaria). He found large quantities of uranium under an apartment block in Bourgas.

There is an “oil sea” under Karnobat (near the Black Sea), into which three arteries flow, reported radiesthesist Ivan Milev. The “black gold” flows toward Elhovo in the direction of northeast Greece and the European part of Turkey.

There is another underwater artery east of Ukraine (under the Black Sea) and the two feed petrol wells in Iraq and Kuwait. One of the arteries flows by Cyprus and forms a 150 sq. km spot in Israel under the sea.

Turkey will become one of the richest countries in the world if it starts to exploit its underground oil deposits, predicted Milev. His ability to detect oil and gas were tested and proven by Todor Zhivkov, the late communist dictator of Bulgaria, and experts from the USSR. His studies show that Ukraine is very rich in oil. One of the arteries flows from the western part of the country, moves south, passes through Moldova and forms a big oil spot on Moldovan territory. Then it continues in the direction of southwest Romania.

There is a big deposit there, but the oil flows into northwest Bulgaria and forms an underground lake of 300 sq. km. There are 140 sq. km of oil under Svishtov. The oil comes from east Romania. There is a gas deposit under Cherven Briag (northwest Bulgaria). The gas flows toward Popovo (150 sq. km) and into the Deep Sea near Varna. There are big deposits near Velingrad – 180 sq. km. Another gas artery comes from the north through Finland, forming a large deposit. From there it runs in the direction of Moscow and flows into a huge “lake” of gas, claims Milev, who has his own map of oil and gas deposits across Europe.

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