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Six Prostitutes in Bulgaria Can Make a Pimp Millionaire

Article published from StandartNews on 2008-04-24 01:50:00
Category: Lifestyle in Sunny Beach

Six prostitutes at the Sunny Beach resort totally suffice to make a millionaire out of any pimp. A "lady of the night" earns between 12,000 and 18,000 euros a month, according to Bulgarian National Investigation Service statistics quoted by BGNES.

The female labourers to enter this year`s backbreaking competition on the so-called "sex-tourism market" of Sunny Beach will be mainly from Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine and Moldova. Nearly 80 percent of them will arrive to the resort from Central and Western Europe in the heat of the season.

In general, the draftees that form the Bulgarian paid-love contingent are from the cities of Bourgas, Rousse, Plovdiv and the towns of Svilengard and Petrich.

Data of a recent poll conducted by women-against-violence associations show that 38 percent of prostitutes were abducted and then forced into their "career", 33 percent were lured abroad with a promise for a lucrative job, and 22 percent were literary sold into sex slavery by their own relatives.

Pimps use three standard practices to keep their `employees` in check: they either give them a loan, or deprive them of IDs, or subject them to solitary confinement  and regular violence.

But there is one very important thing the poll emphasizes: voluntary prostitution is by far more common than forceful coersion. It is quite common for non-EU prostitutes working in EU member states to claim before the authorities whenever caught that they fell victims to human trafficking as this raises their chances to get citizenship and a legal job, often the one they currently practice. When the authorities try to find out how the sexual slaves are doing after having been set free, it turns out that they keep on doing what they did but for other "employers" or become `self-employed`.

According to most recent information, the Bulgarian women who prostitute outside Bulgaria number between 18,000 and 21,000.

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